Introduction to InfuseLearning


LEC 2013 Tech Playground
demo by Tim Schumacher
Twitter: @tjschu

Main Function: Student remote response system

(See my comparison between and Socrative and InfuseLearning)

Platforms: any web-enabled device; no apps to download or install


Cost: free

Company Support:

Video Tutorials:

How to get started:

  1. Get registered with any browser as a teacher at
  2. Note your classroom # and share it with students
  3. Check out the “How to Get Started Guide”
  4. Try giving your students a quick quiz

Introductory Video:

What you can do with InfuseLearning:

  • Ask students on-the-spot questions and get immediate feedback:
    • Draw Response
    • True/False
    • Multiple Choice
    • Sort in Order
    • Open Ended Text Answer
    • Numeric
    • Likert Scale (1-5)
  • Prepare class lists and manage assessments
  • Prepare quizzes in advance using the provided Excel spreadsheet template, upload and assign your quiz, get immediate feedback, and download results reports
  • Request students to draw a response, and immediately view all drawings in the teacher view
  • Publish a web link that appears on each student’s device for them to click on

Useful web links:

Steps for Getting the Most out of InfuseLearning –

Step-by-Step instructions (unofficial) –

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