Introduction to Evernote for education


LEC 2013 Tech Playground
demo by Tim Schumacher
Concordia University Irvine
Twitter: @tjschu

Main Function: Save and sync your digital life across all your devices

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android (any way you can get on the web)


Cost: free and premium ($5/month)

Company Support:

Video Tutorials:

How to get started:

  1. Watch this Getting Started video:
  2. Sign up on the web at
  3. Create a notebook structure (think, “folders”)
  4. Download any of the Evernote apps or apps that support syncing with Evernote
  5. Get “The Web Clipper” add-on for your browser
  6. Start saving and sharing notes, images, files, bookmarks

What can you do with Evernote:

Educational uses:

From the Tools for Teachers website

As a teacher, you might find Evernote useful in one of these cases:

    • In-class note taking regarding attendance, performance, further plans and sidenotes.
    • Keeping and refining lesson plans, and sharing them when needed with your colleagues.
    • Keeping track of your class’s home task and sharing it with the class.
    • Recording portions of your lectures for peer review.
    • Tracking you students’ performance with individual notebooks per student. You can type in observations, record students’ performance and take snapshots of their works.
    • Collecting and organizing useful teaching and research resources.
    • Storing frequently used document templates, e.g. grading sheets, course syllabi etc.

Your students can benefit from Evernote in the following way:

    • Taking notes during class.
    • Storing teacher’s handouts by taking pictures of them with their cameras.
    • Recording teacher’s talks during class for later revision.
    • Collecting materials for their projects, share them and collaborate on projects.
    • Tracking their progress in a portfolio-like way and sharing their portfolios with their teacher.

The Evernote Family of Apps:

Find these apps and further descriptions at

evernote apps

Third-party apps that support Evernote:

Go to the App Center for many more.  Some highlighted below:

    • Write Pad ($4.99 for the iPad/iPhone, Android)
      • Handwriting recognition software
      • Saves files to Evernote
    • LiveMinutes (web-based, free or premium)
      • Co-edit Evernote notes in real-time with others
      • Check the special deal for educators on the pricing page
    • Dolphin (free, Android, iOS)
      • mobile browser with Evernote integration (mobile Chrome and Safari do not integrate with Evernote)

Useful web links:

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