Monday morning tips: Using Office templates

On Monday mornings, I have been give some time during our CUI School of Education staff devotion/meeting to do some technology training.  The intent is to keep it brief and to meet real needs of our people.

Opening from within MS Office

In Word (or similarly in Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher), click on “File” and then “New” in order to choose from the templates that have been installed on your computer.

Office templates


Find more templates online

For more templates, search and download them from

Template searchOn this website, you can search for a template or specify for which MS Office app you’re looking for:  Word, Excel, etc.  Under “More” you’ll find links to templates for other MS Office apps like Outlook emails, Project, Access, etc.


Before downloading, check the version of MS Office that the template was created for.  In the example below, the file was created for the newest version of MS Office which you might not be using yet.  Older versions should work on more current versions, but not the reverse.  In this case, it doesn’t hurt to try downloading template for a newer version to see if enough of its features work in your version.

Template version

If you enter a search term, you’ll have further choices for filtering on the results page.  You can narrow the results list by “Product” and/or “Category”, and you can choose how to sort the results.

Filter search

Seasonal Templates

You’ll also find featured and seasonal templates on Office Template website.  For example, here in December they’ve got a selection of “Holiday-themed” templates to choose from.

seasonal templates

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