Monday morning tips: Using Tables in Word 2010

On Monday mornings, I have been give some time during our CUI School of Education staff devotion/meeting to do some technology training.  The intent is to keep it brief and to meet real needs of our people.

using tablesI did a quickie this morning on formatting tables in Word 2010 (Windows).  Here’s the functions I demonstrated:

  • Table Tools > Layout > Autofit (make a table fit the content or the page)
  • Table Tools > Design > Table Styles (add a quick style e.g. to shade every other row)
  • Table Tools > Layout > Merge (to make a title fit in one continuous cell across the top of several columns)
  • Table Tools > Layout > Alignment (to adjust content horizontally and vertically within cells)
  • Table Tools > Design > Borders (turning them on and off)
  • Table Tools > Layout > Distribute Rows (automatically make all rows or columns the same size)

It seemed the most appreciated tip of the day was how to make a table header row repeat onto the top of every page if the table overflows to multiple pages.

For really useful instructions, check out this “Using Tables” sample chapter from the book Microsoft Office Word 2010 QuickSteps.

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