Monday morning IT tips: MS Office efficiency

On Monday mornings, I have been give some time during our CUI School of Education staff devotion/meeting to do some technology training.  The intent is to keep it brief and to meet real needs of our people.

This week’s topic (10-22-2012) was about being more efficient in working within Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft OfficeWord 2010:

Excel 2010:



    1. Don’t try to memorize these entire lists of shortcuts.
    2. Scan the lists of shortcuts and identify actions/functions that you learn often.  Make a post-it note “cheat-sheet” of frequently used actions with the shortcuts and start using them.
    3. Scan the lists to identify actions/functions that you never knew existed but might want to explore.

Microsoft Office Key Tips (available in Windows but not Mac)

Key Tips in the Microsoft Office Suite


    1. If you can’t remember keyboard shortcuts but want to be able to keep your hands on the keyboard, try using “Key Tips” to navigate the “ribbons” in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Customizing the Ribbon in Microsoft Office

See instructions at


    1. You can create your own tabs, and groups within tabs, in the “Ribbon” across the top of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in which you can place your most commonly used tools.
    2. If a group of workers would benefit from the same customized tab, one worker can create the customized tab, and then export it for other workers to import into their applications.
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