Alternate and FREE multimedia editing tools for education

I recently shared with a friend a list of alternate multimedia creation and/or editing tools to consider using in schools if you don’t have the luxury to have licenses for the ultimate Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.).

I need to preface this list by stating up front that for me, providing a list of IT tools without talking first about student objectives and outcomes and good pedagogy is like a Christian (Lutheran, in particular) talking about the Gospel without first instructing on the Law.  The use of tools such as these in the classroom needs to be intentional based on the needs of your students, the content of your curriculum and the best teaching practices known.

So, here’s my list:

Adobe CS Tool Function Alternate free and/or open source and/or web-based tools
Photoshop bit-mapped graphics
Illustrator vector graphics
Dreamweaver website design
Premiere video editing
Soundbooth audio editing

And, here are a few other good lists of IT tools I’ve come across lately:

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