Resetting my tech life, Part 11: Bookmarks

(This is the last in my series of posts about re-organizing my tech life after a relocation and a job change.  You might want to read Part 1 here for the context.)

My list of Firefox bookmarked websites (9,206 bookmarks in 895 folders, last I checked) is one of my most highly prized possessions.  I’ve always been careful to keep my bookmarks highly organized and up to date.  But the collection is likely to be less valued in the future.  Search tools on the web and on my laptops decrease my reliance on my own organization, and I’m finding the need to have access to stuff from multiple devices makes me less dependent on one list of bookmarks residing on one computer.  I’ve tried different tools for syncing bookmarks between browsers and devices, but none pleased me much.

DiigoSo as I move forward, when I really want to keep and organize favorite web pages, I’m using Diigo (free, which will allow me access from anywhere and the ability to share lists publicly.  I’ve also installed the Diigo bookmarklet into my browser (on my Mac, Windows, and iPod Touch) for easier saving of favorite sites (free,

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