Resetting my tech life, Part 8: Task Management

(Continuing my series of posts about re-organizing my tech life after a relocation and a job change.  You might want to read Part 1 here for the context.  More to come in this series…)

WunderlistI’ve been using Wunderlist (free, to manage my task lists for a couple of years and really like it.  So, all that I need to do right now is to clean out old tasks and categories left over from my previous work life and set up new categories relevant to my new work.  It’s important to establish the habit of punching things in that I need to remember, so I’m trying to be extra diligent with that these days.  Wunderlist is a web-based service that allows you to manage your task lists from their website, from Android or iPhone, or from their app for Mac or Windows computers.

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